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New member campaign launched at Universe Club

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I have reported on Universe Club here several times. The dating club operates all over Japan and has thousands of members. Universe Club interviews female members and places their information and photographs in an online database that male members can search. The database includes physical information and lists things like the willingness of the women to sleep with a guy from the club.

This sort of club may seem unique or even strange for people in some parts of the world. In other parts of the world like Japan and Taiwan where compensated dating is a normal part of life, people wouldn’t think anything of seeing an advert for a place like Universe Club on their favorite website next to the latest news.

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Universe Club sets itself apart from all the other compensated dating programs in Japan by fully opening itself up to non-Japanese members. That goes for both the men and the women. That’s why Universe Club maintains an English language website and has people on staff who are fluent in English. I think that’s also a big part of the reason Universe Club recently launched a new member campaign.

The “Special Campaign for New Members” started earlier in the month. During this campaign any guy who signs up for a new membership will receive an arrangement fee equal to the membership fee free of charge.

Depending on how you look at it this basically means that new members either get a free membership or a free first date.

As I have explained before there are a few fees involved with joining and using the Universe Club. First customers sign up for a membership and pay an annual fee that ranges from 20,000 Yen ($178 USD) for a Standard membership to 300,000 Yen ($2679 USD) for a Black membership. After that male customers have to pay a setting fee whenever they make a date with one of the thousands of women available on the website. The setting fee depends on the class the women they want to date is in.

Of course the women also expect money for their time too. In most cases guys pay the women for meeting them. If they just have dinner or go on a date they typically give a few thousand yen. If they take a woman to bed they usually give more. That part is between the guys and the girls though. The Club has nothing to do with it. Once the guys and girls make a connection the Club lets them do as they please. Any dates after the first are arranged between the guys and gals on their own.

This campaign will really simplify things for new members. I am guessing it will encourage lots of new guys to sign up at the Universe Club. It should probably encourage those who have been thinking about a membership but never went through with it the most since they can save a lot of money by joining while the campaign is in full swing.